Dear Attendees, Fans, and Supporters -

At this current moment that you are reading this post, which should be on the  front page of the current Nerd-Kon website. All pre-registrations including early bird from Nerd-Kon 2013, current 2014, and Vendor/Artist Registrations have been completely 100% refunded. Not per the request of any of the registrants, but by an unsolicited decision by Nerd-Kon itself. This will be the first place you will see this, or any attendees will hear of the refund issued. A copy of this press release along with a link to this page has been included in an email with all refunds. We have taken this action because Nerd-Kon will be postponed indefinitely.

This thorough decision by Nerd-Kon’s Executive Committee, was not made lightly, nor without extensive consideration of everyone involved or looking to be involved. Prior to making this decision we spoke thoroughly with our sponsors, venue, guests, and partners. Being that they are as much a part of this process as the staff itself and attendees. They all have given us their support in this decision. They understand it’s not only what’s best for our attendees and the experience we’ve committed to bringing them, but also what’s best for Nerd-Kon’s future, as well as it’s staff’s physical and mental/emotional health going forward.

We as a staff, consist of not only convention and event planning veterans, but also life-long friends. Each and everyone of us, feel that the thing that has held us together from the beginning through all hurdles and successes over the years was something truly special.   That thing was our relentless and unwavering commitment and friendship given to each other. It was that spark that was the catalyst many years prior, and gave us that well-known crazy idea to throw nerd-themed dance parties in hotels, with theme-room parties, and many other elements monthly for almost 3 years. As well as the evolution that followed which we all know as Nerd-Kon.

We all admit openly that we are not perfect, nor have we ever laid claim to be, and have no aspiration to attempt to be so. Regardless, that will not stop us from chasing after our dreams and helping the community and people we care the most about; our true reason for creating this convention. Even if that also includes taking several steps back to better prepare, build up, and heal to be able to potentially succeed.

Recently within the last month and a half. Several people very crucial in the beginning inspiration, encouragement, and continued progression of Nerd-Kon and its parent company have passed away. One of which we had received a timeline early as last December that there was a strong chance of that person not making through the later part of 2014. For many months moving closer towards us like an oncoming storm, clouding our focus, and at times even halting our progress. Then the beginning July she was gone, there was no warning that was good enough to help prepare.

Then no more than a week later unexpectedly while assisting another convention in Chicago we lost another person just as dear and even more heartbreaking. A person who we credit with being influential in regards to almost 75% of our beginning year’s success. Through affording us opportunity, along with her unrivaled faith and belief in our vision, heart and relentless drive towards our dream of creating something in amazing for nerds and geeks alike in Nebraska.
This person taught us much of what we know about community coordinating, and convention/event planning. A mentor, sister, best friend, and profound woman in the truest form.

During Convergence an event in Bloomington, MN (that many know is a large inspiration for Nerd-Kon and means a great deal us.) she was rushed to the hospital from the con due to a previous health condition and passed away later that next morning.

We feel that with these two tremendous losses, as well as several others that have deeply affected us and the rest of the community. Those among several other things have left our decision-making, planning, and organizing process severely altered beyond recovery for this convention year.

It is with a heavy heart that we feel that it would not be possible in our current state, for us to provide in Nerd-Kon the quality, and level of value that our fans, attendees, and supporters push us to aspire towards yearly. Not only that, but one that we personally would feel comfortable offering up.

All of this definitely leaves a hole very deep in our core. One we feel confident over time we will definitely heal and recover from. We at our base level are inherently fighters, and do not possess the ability to stay down, no matter how painful the blow. With that in mind with sincere honesty through these trials, even we will not be to prideful to see we may be beginning to hit our limits.

There were many missteps, and mistakes were made. We place no blame, and point no fingers. When we started this convention 3 years ago we committed ourselves to one principle before all others. That if at any point regardless of circumstances, we could not provide an experience that we felt was to the caliber in which you would expect from us, or that you our community rightfully deserves we would not present that to you in any fashion.

These are not excuses, but yet an explanation that you deserve, because of the unwavering support you’ve given us, through our losses suffered, darkest times and bleakest moments. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause or may have caused for anyone involved in any capacity, vendors, attendees, supporters alike.

“But this is not the end….this is where it begins.”

Over the course of the next several weeks we will alter the Nerd-Kon website to facilitate the following functions. Community discussion, updates on Convention Community news and events, as well as updates on the progress, hiatus status, and future planning regarding Nerd-Kon itself. We welcome you and encourage you to continue to apply as a volunteer and staff member. Via our Staff Application.

Also if you are a vendor a potential future attendee reading this for the first time. You can sign up for a mailing list to be notified on all updates in regards to future attendance and registration.


As a thank you for your understanding and continued support through this, and overall through out the years….


on Sept. 1st 2014, for anyone who likes Nerdtron on facebook, Nerd-Kon on Facebook, and YourDaily1up on FacebookWill receive a special gift of substantial value from us, FREE of charge to them. Thank you again for taking the time to read this, as well as for everything over the years.


Any questions and thoughts can be forwarded directly to

Lastly, we would like to re-iterate that this is far from a good-bye, but just for now us saying, “See you Later”…




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